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Industrial Equipment for Construction

Construction equipment in operation

Welcome to our website. This  is a free directory with easy to use information and powerful search tools for finding  Construction Equipment Suppliers and Auctions.

More than a simple directory, we have created a professional research tool that provides visitors accurate information about sources of industrial equipment. Each resource has been selected and reviewed by the TurnKeyMasters Team.

Used Machinery

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Looking for used machinery?
Used construction equipment is one of the most searched topics on the web so we want to bring you some Tips to consider before you buy.  
• Develop Professional Feasibility Studies
• Become a Professional Project Developer
• Formulate, Evaluate and promote new projects
• The Ultimate guide to Feasibility Studies
Tips for buying used equipment:
Believe it or not, buying industrial construction equipment and heavy machinery is a lot like buying a car. You can buy a relatively new car in ready-to-go condition or you can purchase a “fixer upper” if you have the staff to do the maintenance and adjustments required. It is the same with construction equipment.
When buying equipment from surplus capacity they normally can be found: used (from 1 month to 10 years old), New (or “as new”) from cancelled, advance or advanced orders, refurbished/overhauled or “as-is, where- is” (at the purchaser risk) mainly high houred or damaged equipment. And just like cars, new and low houred equipment will be more expensive than high houred, older units.

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Search Resources

Equipment Suppliers

A comprehensive resource for finding information on suppliers of industrial equipment and services worldwide. Each resource has been selected and reviewed by the TurnKeyMasters Team.

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Equipment Auctions

Find construction equipment and machinery auctions online from respected trading companies and conglomerates. Check availability and buy new or pre-owned equipment via auction or private treaty.

• Search Industrial Equipment Auctions

Feasibility Studies

Hundreds of tools, tips and techniques to take any project idea through from initial stages to a reliable development mode. Become a professional project developer with the ultimate guide to feasibility studies.

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